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Other information:

Information download area / Copyright / Reports:
rFactor game that our community and our download area is centered in  , like many other games,the players themselves  will magnify it. There are thousands and thousands of contributions of users created by them or converted from other games with a lot of work .

Xtremefactor and the colaborations of thedownload area , want to make available to all the contents of this wonderful game , sharing and publishing news on new amendments , cars, and other circuits , such as applications , tutorials, guides etc. . With a high quality presentation with all the information we may collect are of the authors including links to pages of the creators.

With the sole aim of keeping all this stuff secured and available . Anyone can collaborate and share legal material on rFactor , rFactor 2 and other simulation games that modders created by non-profit and the relevant rights.

We want to keep safe the material they worked so hard to create, at the same time keep  Xtremefactor users updated on the latest creations.

Xtremefactor has always endeavored to prevent piracy at all costs. We have never allowed cracks , illegal gambling , serials or the like , one of the most basic rules of the community.

A high percentage of the material has distribution rights / modification . However, if any material published here does not have such rights and is the author you know that:

- If you are the author of any content posted here , it is entitled to claim the file and request the partial or complete removal of the shared files.
The photographs and text files included , could be claim by  the owner and do not agree that  Xtremefactor share the material property .
- Xtremefactor , undertakes to remove any material reported immediately upon receipt of the claim.

 You can send comments , suggestions or reports in the form above. Thank you very much .